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Global Roaming Coverage M2M SIM Cards

Legacy IoT SIMs provide global device connectivity service with a secure, reliable, and high-quality connection. Our SIMs can connect with any device and cover the entire machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) market.

Our goal is to create unique and digital experiences

In today's era, all want their business and things up to date or need devices with innovative features to control everything. Our M2M SIM works in GPS trackers, pet trackers, asset tracking, smart metering, remote sensors, system control, and other M2M application.

No Interruption Connection Network

In the Digital transformed world, M2M SIMs have endless potential to make devices smarter and used in many industries such as healthcare, taxi, vehicle tracking, agriculture, infrastructure, transportation and logistics , and many more.

Customer experience strategy

We provide an Online Portal for access and tracking all your activities by a single device with complete visibility and real-time reporting so that you can track complete information on your SIM connected with that particular device.

Legacy IoT is a Leading Company for m2m sim providers across world

Our goal is to help our clients and partners accelerate the development or manage the deployment of their connected devices and provide secure and high connectivity services with roaming coverage M2M Sim Cards.

We deliver SIMs with high-quality roaming coverage in about 200+ countries and operate across 800+ networks. Our relationship with clients allows us to provide every type of SIM – single network, EUICC, multi-network, Lora WAN, multi-IMSI, and many more, giving you connectivity whenever and wherever it’s needed.

Network choice

Working alongside operators worldwide to provide access to 800+ global networks.

All Sim Card available

Local, Global, Roaming M2M SIMs. UN-steered Multi IMSI SIMs & Eulcc (Esim), SLA driven soltuions.

Expert Support

Every customers get a dedicated account manager & access to 24/7 phone support.

Management Control

Real-time SIM management via the LEGACY IOT M2M SIM Management.

Creating unique and digital experiences for your business and your needs

We are a M2M Solution agency that specializes in secure IoT M2M solution

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