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IoT Platform or IoT Management Platform

Vehicle Tracking and Logistics M2M SIM Cards

IoT Platform or IoT Management Platform

An IoT platform or IoT management platform is an online portal or software where you can manage or deploy your business through an m2m SIM card. Once you connect the m2m Sims or ESims to your device, you can directly control and manage your applications through the online portal known as the IoT management platform.

These applications can be vehicle tracking, dog tracking, home, and office appliances control, remote sensing work, etc. An Iot Online Portal helps access and track all your activities by a single device with complete visibility and real-time reporting so that you can track complete information on your SIM connected with that particular device.

So if you search for the best IoT management platform or IOT Company, you are on the right website. We know the value of your money and provide an internet of things platform with extra security & advanced features.
Legacy IoT provides the best-in-class IoT connectivity management platform with high-speed and secure global network connections. Our online portal uses less of your data to manage devices in real time with a fast loading speed.

Through the IoT management platform, you can check customer inventory and Sim users, their location, time, distribution, and more. You get an alert about insufficient data and out-of-roaming range for a particular area.

We have developed an innovative, robust, affordable, and secure connection IoT portal with back-end support and user-friendly UI design. Our goal is to help our clients and partners accelerate the development or manage the deployment of their connected devices and provide secure and high connectivity services with worldwide connectivity anywhere at any time.
Network choice

Working alongside operators worldwide to provide access to 800+ global networks.

All Sim Card available

Local, Global, Roaming M2M SIMs. UN-steered Multi IMSI SIMs & Eulcc (Esim), SLA driven soltuions.

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Every customers get a dedicated account manager & access to 24/7 phone support.

Management Control

Real-time SIM management via the LEGACY IOT M2M SIM Management.

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