Fixed Public Ip and Private Ip M2M SIM card
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Fixed Public IP & Private IP M2M SIM Card​​

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Fixed Public IP & Private IP M2M SIM Card​

Public IP IoT SIM and Private IP IoT SIM are two different terms used in the Internet of things as an IoT Platform for managing M2M applications. Internet of Things, now a day used by many businesses and companies for secure and fast communication between Machine-to-machine devices.

Selecting M2M Sim Cards for managing your applications it’s important to know about Public and Private IP IoT Sim. An IP address is a numeric address and identifier for a computer or device on a network. Every device has a unique IP address for communication purposes. And there are two different types of IP addresses: public and private.
Fixed Public IP IoT Sim Card

When you order internet service from an internet service provider for managing M2M applications, they will assign a public IP address. This public IP address is registered on the internet, which gives you access to the World Wide Web.

So, if you don't have a public IP, you cannot access the internet and are not able to operate internet of things. Public IP addresses are also unique, and there are no duplicates anywhere in the world of public IP addresses.

When IP addresses were created, engineers didn't realize how big the internet would become. Even though over 4 billion IP version 4 lessons were available, the engineers thought this would be enough. But they were wrong because of the explosive growth of the internet.

So to prevent a shortage of public IPv4 addresses, engineers developed private IP addresses for more secure IoT devices.

Fixed Private IP IoT Sim Card

Private IP addresses are not publicly registered on the internet. So, you can't access the M2M applications through the internet using a personal IP address.

However, if your device does have a private IP address and you want to access the internet, your private IP has to be converted into a public IP address before you can Access the IoT devices and the internet. And this is because personal IP addresses are only used internally, such as inside your private network. They are not used on the public internet.

As far as security, public IPs are not secure because they are used externally out on the internet, so they are traceable.

So, to make a public IP IoT Sim more secure, you must add security measures such as using a proxy or secure VPN, which hides your public M2M Sims IP address. But private IP addresses are more secure because they are hidden from the internet. They cannot be traced outside their network because they are used internally.
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