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Smart M2M SIM card so that you can create the Irrigation and Agriculture system and processes automation,
LEGACY IOT are helping customers worldwide connect their cities to the Internet of Things with the latest IMSI & eSIM technology

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Smart Agriculture with IoT in Agriculture

Connecting IoT Applications for the Connected Irrigation and Agriculture

Smart Agriculture with IoT in Agriculture

IoT device make everything smart, including the irrigation and Agriculture sector. With iot in agriculture the farmer’s and gardener’s life would be more straightforward.

With the Internet of things you can check weather conditions, temperature, humidity, and soil moisture level, get alarms through SMS and GPS alerts on your cell phone, and then control everything accordingly.

Legacy IoT provides an online portal through which you can control or monitor 24/7 real-time reports of irrigation and agriculture systems.
Smart agriculture with iot in agriculture
You can manage IoT applications automatically as well as manually where both works is done by an M2M Sim Cards attached to your smartphone to operate sensors and alerts.

By an automatic system, all work is done automatically as coded in the database wheres manually, you can control everything by yourself and check everything at any time.So Innovative IoT devices will help you to save a lot of water and make your life quite easier. So after this, your only task in your garden would be either setting up new plans or creating new water channels.
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Working alongside operators worldwide to provide access to 800+ global networks.

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Local, Global, Roaming M2M SIMs. UN-steered Multi IMSI SIMs & Eulcc (Esim), SLA driven soltuions.

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Every customers get a dedicated account manager & access to 24/7 phone support.

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Real-time SIM management via the LEGACY IOT M2M SIM Management.

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