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Smart M2M SIM card so that you can create the logistics system and accounting processes automation.
LEGACY IOT are helping customers worldwide connect their cities to the Internet of Things with the latest IMSI & eSIM technology

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IoT Fleet Management System

Connecting IoT Applications for the Connected Vehicle Tracking and Logistics
Vehicle Tracking and Logistics M2M SIM Cards

IoT Fleet Management System

Legacy IoT fleet management system help transport companies with modern digital solutions and services through the Internet of things (IoT). We provide smart M2M Sim Cards so that you can create the logistics system and accounting processes automation.

Our Online Portal will monitor everything and provide real-time reports. Low energy tags are attached to the items being moved for remotely tracking the exact location, speed of transport and storage conditions.

Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Tracking can be done by a tracker installed in the vehicle, which determines its location and speed using GPS receiver and transmit via GSM communication to the server. GPS tracker can use additional analogue and digital sensors to control engine speed, temperature, vehicle axle and other characteristics.
iot fleet management system | Legacy iot
In addition, with the vehicle tracking solution the tracker can connect to the vehicle's onboard computer, and your employees can access this data via the web or mobile application. The access rights to collectors information and generate reports of vehicle speed at different time at different locations, can monitor maximum load capacity and fuel consumption control if refueling is needed and prevent unauthorized fuel discharges.

Legacy IoT equipment has a high degree of protection from external factors and fault tolerance. The driver identification system makes it possible to record personal walking hours or track completed trips and detect violated operations.
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