IoT in smart pos solutions

Smart M2M SIM card so that you can create the POS and Retails system and accounting processes automation,
LEGACY IOT are helping customers worldwide connect their cities to the Internet of Things with the latest IMSI & eSIM technology

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IoT in Retail POS System

Connecting IoT Applications for the Connected POS and Retails Sector

IoT in Retail POS System

IoT devices connected through internet or Bluetooth can manage store environment monitoring, such as in-store navigation, and help customers locate and find the desired product. Through M2M Sim Cards, IoT in retail will help in increasing purchases rates and give customers a multi-products shopping experience by digitizing physical assets.

Legacy IoT, Inventory management software smartly with IoT applications will help businesses to track inventory or product lists in real-time, monitor product movement and manage shelf availability. RFID tags attached with every product in the store will transmit data about the item through radio waves.

Then RFID readers convert them to a usable format and send the information to the cloud using different protocols. IoT tags provide products with physical & ambient data such as temperature, location, humidity, shock, tilt, jerks, light etc.
IoT in retail pos system
IoT devices continuously monitor, log and alert the in-store personnel about the energy used, gas leakage, temperature, electricity breakdown, etc. It will help manage energy consumption and save energy with smart devices.

Smart refrigeration IoT technology monitors and provides cloud-based temperature, then notify the controllers about any emergencies by temperature sensors & mesh networking technology. With the Internet of things, you can collect data on customer engagement, and shopping experience by sensors enabled shopping carts. It helps retailers grow their business by visualizing shopper flow by different categories, understanding shopping patterns, analyzing paths with distance, providing faster to visualize shoppers flow by category/subcategory, analyzing paths, and providing faster checkouts.
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