cctv iot solution

Smart M2M SIM card so that you can create the CCTV and Smart Security system and accounting processes automation,
LEGACY IOT are helping customers worldwide connect their cities to the Internet of Things with the latest IMSI & eSIM technology

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CCTV IoT Solution​

Connecting IoT Applications for the Connected CCTV and Smart Security

CCTV IoT Solution

Searching for an affordable and Highly Secure CCTV IoT solution or SIM card for CCTV cameras?
Then you are at the right place, Legacy IoT will help you out with IoT(Internet of Things) devices Cameras which provide high-quality video coverage by a single M2M SIM Card with high data security. You can access devices from remote locations such as camera footage by our portal. Our SIM’s have a fixed private IP camera address that connects your resources via a VPN (virtual private network).

Our M2M Sim Cards have encrypted code with security levels to ensure data cannot be hacked by cybercriminals which will truly perfect fit for CCTV & remotely controlled equipment. So CCTV camera with SIM Card are very secure and controlled remotely anywhere at any time. In today’s world, eye on every business is not possible whether you have a small or large business. You can hire a security guard, but it may be costly because you have to pay them a monthly salary or also may have trust issues.
cctv iot solution and m2m sim card for cctv
So Legacy IoT Online Portal will help you out where you get full control on camera devices such as sensors, face detection, alarms, door control, temperature, humidity and gadgets control etc.
Network choice

Working alongside operators worldwide to provide access to 800+ global networks.

All Sim Card available

Local, Global, Roaming M2M SIMs. UN-steered Multi IMSI SIMs & Eulcc (Esim), SLA driven soltuions.

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Every customers get a dedicated account manager & access to 24/7 phone support.

Management Control

Real-time SIM management via the LEGACY IOT M2M SIM Management.

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